IMFit Athlete Testing is owned and operated by Ian MacLean, and combines years of experience with professional certifications in CANFITPRO personal training, NCCP certified fitness coaching, V02 Metabolic Assessment testing, F.I.S.T. certification on accurate bike fit. Ian MacLean and has helped hundreds of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, and surpass their individual fitness goals.

Ian has extensive knowledge in biomechanics as it relates to cycling and running, and was a sought after bike fitter during his years working at a local shop. In pursuit of perfection for his passion, Ian has twice visited Xantusia to hone his F.I.S.T ceritfication from Dan Empfield, one of the most widely regarded experts in the world of triathlon.

Ian has been involved in competitive cycling for more than 10 years, in both mountain bike and road racing, and in 2008, will stir up some serious dust on the triathlon circuit. To date, Ian’s major accomplishments include three-time finisher of the 24 hours of Adrenalin in the tag team category. Third place, co-ed tag team of the 8hrs for Multiple Sclerosis. His endurance events were capped off with a 24hr/380km non stop, solo indoor trainer ride during the Gears 24hr Spinathon. He was also a group leader for the 2003 Great Lake, Great Ride – a 1000km trip around Lake Ontario completed in 5 days. Ian was a competitor in the 2002 National Road Championships in both the Time Trial and Road Race, and a regular on the Ontario Road Circuit in ’02 and ’03.

Ian’s constant involvement in competition over the past 15 years gives him a first-hand understanding of the need for speed, and a solid education in how to intelligently and efficiently train that speed.